Blueberry Pie Moonshine Recipe

march 27

Jun 19, 2012 do you, or your readers, have any recipe suggestions, cocktail or otherwise, that i could use it in? there's a cocktail called apple pie made with moonshine, cider and i saw this today, blueberry pops using moonshine: greek.
Does anyone have the recipe for blueberry pie? by michaelt on april 29th, . @ sunshine, a friend made this with moonshine once. the amount of alcohol was paint.

Ok i've tried this stuff called apple pie i was told it was moonshine but i'm sure it was just a apple joentuff. feedback score: 0 reviews. recipes. join date: may 2009 i make apple pie, blueberry pie and lemon drop.

Sep 27, 2011 we have had many request for a peach pie moonshine recipe, so after dave i have what i call a peach blueberry cobbler moonshine that all.
Apple pie moonshine. apple pie, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, & cranberry. popsicle recipes: blueberry moonshine pop from people's pops | women's.

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